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The Town Board meets once a month on the second Tuesday to conduct the business of the Town. However, throughout the month the Town Board members are in touch with aspects of Town business on a smaller scale. State law prohibits a quorum of the Board meeting without public notice. The Town Supervisor assigns the members of the Town Board to Committees at the Organizational Meeting in January. Two members are assigned to the following Committees:


  • Assessor’s                                     Patricia Reichert and TBD
  • Buildings and grounds                     TBD and Patricia Reichert
  • Code Enforcement                         TBD and TBD
  • Justice                                         George Williams and TBD
  • Cemeteries                                   George Willaims and TBD
  • Highways and Highway Contract      TBD and Patricia Reichert
  • Planning Board                              George Williams  and TBD                     
  • Dog control and Kennel                  TBD and George Williams
  • Farmers' Market                             George Williams and TBD


Using the Committee structure allows an ongoing day to day flow of business without necessitating advertising of meetings. There are carefully defined situations where an "emergency" could arise and the procedure for advertising can be abbreviated.

Contact information is listed and any member of the Town Board is willing to speak with the public on a concern that you have. We welcome your presence at the Town Board meetings.

The Town Board is responsible for the fiscal running of the Town. Other segments of the Town Government are elected, however, the expenditure of funds is ultimately authorized by the Town Board. This is an awesome responsibility.

The Town Board sets the final budget for the year and monthly audits the vouchers for payment. Salaries are set by the Town Board, either directly through the annual budget or, as in the case of the Highway employees, by contract.

Appropriations are another part of the budget. These are basically the non-personnel funds, the basic costs of the department. Each department has their budget as a guided limitation on spending, but this does not give them the authorization to go ahead and spend up to the budgeted amount. They still have to come to the Town Board and get a motion passed by the Board to expend the funds for anything more than housekeeping type purchases i.e. office supplies.

The position of Town Supervisor is a two year term and the position of Town Councilperson is a four year term with two of the offices being open every two years. This allows for some continuity without the possibility of five new people on the Board in the same year.


William Strosahl ()
Town Supervisor
Phone: (607)972-1677
Term: 1/1/2020-12/31/2021
Patricia Reichert ()
Deputy Supervisor
Phone: Cell: (607) 760-7551
Term: 1/1/2018-12/31/2021
James Brixey ()
Term: 1/1/2020-12/31/2023
James Douglas ()
Term: 1/1/2020-12/31/2023
George Williams ()
Phone: ( 607) 659-4250
Term: 1/1/2018-12/31/2021