Town Of Candor
The Candor Town Justice and the Village Justice hold Court at the Town Hall.

Vehicle and Traffic Cases are heard by the Justices. These include Speeding, DWI, and other Moving and Non-moving Violations. Penal Law Crimes are also heard here. These can include Drug Cases, Disorderly Conduct Cases, and Burglary. Among the many other types of cases heard in Town Court are Violations of Town Ordinances, Dog Control, Code Enforcement, and Environmental Conservation. This is not intended to be an inclusive listing of the types of cases covered by either Town or Village Justices.

Felony Case arraignments are held in the Town Court Room and Forwarded to the County Court System. The Town has the authorization to hold Arraignments for adjoining Towns or Villages in Penal Law cases and in Felony Cases for any town in Tioga County.

The Courts have authority to collect fines, impose sentences, and hold jury and non-jury trials. Civil cases are also heard in Town Court. There are three main types: (1) Small claims, an individual against another individual or company. In this case the defendant must live in Candor and the claim must be under $3,000. (2) Civil Claim, A business against an individual. In this case the plaintiff (the company) can live in Candor and the defendant doesn’t necessarily have to live in Candor. (3) Summary Proceedings, i.e. Eviction

The Court Clerk assists with the filing of Small Claims cases, but cannot provide assistance with Civil Claims or Summary Proceedings only assign court dates.