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In many small towns one person can wear many hats. This is the case with the Town Clerk by State Law. This is the case with the Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Candor by design and by necessity. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector/911 House Numbering Officer/Floodplain Management Officer/Landlord Tenant Relations Officer/Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Coordinator/Fill in Dog Control Officer." And throw in Jack of All Trades Officer because pretty much if it needs to be done at the Town Hall we look to Jim to help out, and he willingly does.

The job of Code Enforcement requires a knowledgable individual if the office is to run efficiently and effectively. The person who holds the position needs to know the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code in addiiton to Candor Town Laws that are on the books. They need to have a general knowledge of construction, but just as important as their construction knowledge they need to have strong people skills. It can take very large doses of tact to successfully tell someone that a stop work order has just been put on their project until they comply with building permit or other issues.

The CEO has the power and duty to receive, review, and approve or dissapprove applications for Building Permits, Certificates of Occupancy, Certificates of Compliance, Temporary Permits, and Operating Permits. Jim is always willing to give suggestions if you need direction with your plans. If applications are approved, the CEO will conduct construction inspections as necessary prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance. During this process the CEO will do all necessary inspections and has the power to issue Stop Work Orders, to review and investigate complaints, and/or to pursue administrative enforcement actions and proceedings.

To find the full detail of the duties and powers of the Code Enforcement Officer go to Uniform Fire Protection and Building Code Admin 2006 -2 in the Candor Laws section under Planning Board.

People may not always be happy with the situation, but generally if they know that they are being treated fairly and equally they understand the need for compliance. There are some that feel that because Candor isn't zoned that they have no constraints on any projects they wish to do. Even though we are not zoned, there are still State statutes that must be followed and Town Laws that regulate specific types of development. You will find many of the Town Laws listed in the Planning Board section of this web site. If you have a specific question about a project you have in mind, call the Code Enforcement Officer first before starting the project.

In Law 2006 -2 listed above there are guidelines as to what type of work requires a building permit and what is exempt. There is also detail as to the inspections that will be done as work progresses on your project. An explanation is given of a Stop Work Order. Attention to this prior to commencement of a project could save you time and money in the long run.


For NYS Building Codes, please visit the following sites:

Department of State

New York State Building Codes


Essential Information:

Before visiting the Code Enforcement Office, please be sure to review the documents listed below: 

Hours of Operation:

Monday:    8 - 4 pm

Tuesday:   8 am - 8 pm or call for an appointment.

cell phone: 607-731-9529

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