Town Of Candor


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The Highway Superintendent's term:  1/1/2020-12/31/2021


The Office of Town of Candor Highway Superintendent is an elected position with a two year term. The position manages a large portion of the Town budget. And to a large extent can set the tone for the opinion of the general public on how the Town is being run as a whole.

Because the position is an elected position the legal eligibility is to be a resident of the Town. Once elected to qualify for office, it is required that they take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office, which must be filed at the Town Clerk’s Office. However, to effectively serve in the Office takes much more than votes. The Highway Superintendent requires a thorough knowledge of heavy equipment, road construction, road materials, writing bids, knowing the State regs for CHIPS expenditures, and the Federal guidelines for FEMA claims, extensive computer skills, always watching the bottom line of the budget appropriations, effective personnel skills, and it doesn’t hurt to be able to go from December through March without any sleep.

The Highway Superintendent is responsible to, within the limits of budget appropriations, employ such persons as necessary for the maintenance and repair of Town highways and Town bridges, and the removal of obstructions caused by snow and he shall provide for the supervision of such persons. In this capacity he shall construct and keep in repair sluices and culverts and cause the waterways, bridges and culverts to be kept open. He is responsible for keeping all signs as needed in place. He must inspect the highways and bridges within the Town annually between the months of April and October. He shall cause briers, brush and noxious weeds within the bounds of the highways to be cut annually between July 15 and August 15.

He is responsible for keeping a proper record of all Town roads in the Town Clerk’s Office. He shall cause the monuments erected as the boundaries of Town highways to be kept up.

He shall, as often as the NYS Department of Transportation directs, measure all Town highways and report in triplicate the Town highways which have been surfaced with gravel, with crushed stone, and those shaped and crowned and the total mileage of all Town highways, on forms prescribed by the DOT. Under direction of DOT he also sends reports annually to the County Highway Department.

He shall keep a written inventory of all machinery, tools, implements and equipment, indicating each article and send this report to the Town Board on or before September 30 each year.

On or before September 20, he shall make a written estimate of revenues and expenditures for highways and bridges for the next fiscal year.

On or before November 1, he is authorized to designate annually roads as seasonal limited-use highways. This listing is presented to the Town Board. The roads are properly posted and must meet strict criteria. With Town Board approval snow and ice removal and maintenance will be discontinued from December 1 until April 1 on any highway so designated.


Highway Superintendent
Kevin Noble
33 Humiston Street
Candor, NY 13743
Phone: (607) 659-3235
Term:  1/1/2018-12/31/2019
Highway Secretary
Gretchen Huizinga
33 Humiston Street
Candor, NY 13743